Equipped with 15 years of experience Entra will provide tailormade solutions in applications that require heavy duty welding such as welding of earth moving equipment, fuel and oil tanks, pressurized vessels, agricultural machinery, armored vehicle body, constructional steel parts. The required programming methodology such as offline programming, contactless laser seam tracking, seam tracking with arc voltage are used to achieve correct and effective commissioning.

Entra will select the correct equipment to weld aluminum, stainless steel and thin sheets.



Spot welding which is frequently used at automotive industry requires good fixturing capability as well as process understanding. From the start Entra will perform the system and fixture design, simulation and cycle time analysis to the expectation of the automotive industry thus delivering spot and projection cell or lines. Entra implements stud or clinch stations where required.



With solution partners Entra has commissioned robotic paint systems ranging from small components to 14 meter long chassis. Developing explosion proof peripherals that is required by paint process, Entra robotizes manual paint shop as well as taking part in building robotic paint shop from scratch.

Entra also builds glazing, sealing and gluing systems.



Material handing is the broadest of all application areas. Almost at every industry robotizing part transfer from one place to other boosts productivity and results in higher utilization of your capital equipment. Entra has designed robot hands and peripheral equipment in many different areas of industry adding image processing technology where necessary thus realizing successful handling applications.



Palletizing is a demanding application of stacking boxes, bags, cases, bottles, and cartons onto pallets as the last step in the assembly line before being loaded onto a shipping truck. Pallet pattern flexibility, tooling flexibility, and cycle time are three major challenges of automated palletizing in today's industry. Entra selects the right robot depending on the payload, arm reach, duty, cycle time and floor space. Entra provides highly customized solutions that may include image processing and/or barcode recognition.