Entra Robot manufactures and commissions robotic cells taking all factors into consideration such as process requirements, the need of the customer, circumstantial conditions and safety. It is possible to select a suitable cell architecture to almost any task from design library. Even so it is always possible to design a new cell layout.


Good design performance is the key to prompt start up and high efficiency rates of a system. With years of experience Entra constructs the system and process flow, verify it with simulation and undertakes complex fixture design for spot & arc welding. Entra will build autonomous production lines.


At situations where workpiece or robot has to be repositioned due to process requirement, accessibility or productivity Entra will use slider, positioner, turn table, cell and gantry designs out of shelf. Peripheral equipment that has high positioning accuracy and speed with proper payload capacity is an indivisible element of robotic welding automation.


Entra Robot designs and commissions production lines at automotive OEM and Tier1 companies where parts are transferred automatically. These lines which demand high level of engineering, a competent team as well as strong logistic ability are practices where Entra Robot believes to make a difference.